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Testimonials Archive - Ellis Custom Homes

“Craftsman made the process from start to finish very easy for me considering I had never done anything like this before. They were very welcoming to my ideas and very helpful with every aspect from finding land to picking the materials for the house …”

The showroom made the process of choosing our options very easy. Steve, Joe, Randy and Charity were all very helpful and made the building process a good experience.

We were very satisfied with them building our dream home!

It was great to work with Craftsman Custom Home Builders. They are wonderful with communication. They are quick to respond to questions and concerns. In the initial process we had to go through many plans with Joe. He had enormous patience with us, and was helpful making our decisions. I found Craftsman Custom Home Builders an outstanding company to work with and I will certainly send people their way.

It was a very good building process, they were easy to work with and their quality of work is really good. I was most satisfied with being able to ask questions and resolve any issues that may have come up in a very fast and reasonable time. I would recognize Joe Hepler for exceptional service. It was easy to get in touch with him and he helped to resolve any issues we had.

“The most personable and efficient way of building a house, we really enjoyed working with them, and recommend anyone wanting to build goes Craftsman Custom Homes!”

“Steve, Joe, and Charity were phenomenal to work with. No matter the extent of your issue, they are on top of it to make it right ASAP. The house is beautiful and we absolutely love it. Thank you all for making our dream home a reality!!”